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There’s really nothing new under the sun, says Solomon. We receive information and advice by the carload everyday so how’s a person to keep up?! Hopefully, I can help by doling it out in little bites or bytes, whichever you prefer.Topics will be bolded and italicized for your convenience.

Because eavesdropping happens accidentally and on purpose, I’ll be sharing information acquired both ways; surprising or intentional-anything from food to music to health, gardening, parenting/grandparenting, country living plus 101 other topics on everyday living. Some you may already know but here it will be reinforced for your convenience.  For eavesdropping in the spiritual realm, you can check out my other website http://www.serenity4us.blogspot.com

Today’s eavesdropping starts at my bird feeder here in Olalla, Washington. The Fine Feathers Cafe is nearly empty. I’m guessing that the salmonella outbreak among birds has hit here. I plan to help by disinfecting my birdbath and feeders when I refill them. Saw my first hummer of the season. Our long, saturated winter has prevented plants from blooming so the little guys will need to rely on my feeders.

Did you know that the most popular cookbooks focus on sauces? Per ounce, sauces and dressings are expensive. Yet, nearly every sauce or dressing can be made simply and for less money and time that it takes to stand in line at the store. Just Google it! Much healthier and fresher too.

  • Reflecting on the use of time outs as a form of discipline. I see several good things in the process: first off, it allows the parent time to consider the magnitude of the offense compared to the maturity and accountability of the child, how she plans to use this “teachable moment”, and what other options need to be employed. Those are just the benefits for the parent. Now, for the child. It protects the kid from a knee-jerk reaction from an angry or frustrated parent; gives him time to reflect upon his misdeed and its consequences; however, unless directed and held accountable for those reflections, the child’s mind will wander to Sesame Street, how to get by with it next time, the knot in his shoe or who knows what else?! Avoid wasting this time, let him know you will be asking him 4 questions (depending upon age, of course). 1. What did you do wrong? (Never ask “Why did you do that?” Most kids don’t know why and even if they did, what difference would it make?) 2. What could you have done instead? 3. How can you prevent this from happening again? 4. How can you make up for this? Children need to learn that even accidents have consequences. We’ve all had to pay a fine at some time for oversights or ignorance or carelessness.You may have questions you wish the child to answer, mostly to himself, as you strive to make him responsible for himself. Breathe deeply, both of you.
  • Whoops! I forgot to sign off. I welcome your eavesdroppings as well. Sharon
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